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The writing life is a journey and I've followed a winding
path with work published in Sunday School papers,
newspapers, magazines, books and, now, a blog and

To be published I've jumped through many editorial
hoops and didn't make it through quite a few. My path
has been clogged with boulders of disappointment and
yet there was always an encouraging blue sky
overhead. All I had to do was look up to find the light in
the deepest forest.

It's been a trip! But I've not reached my final
destination yet... And until I do, I'll keep writing. I'll
probably jump through more editorial hoops but I've
found a small foot path to you, my dear reader. And
when I blog and walk the eBooks path, I write just for
you. My writing journey continues and I welcome your
Deanne Durrett
Every day is ordinary until something makes it special!
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