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     An editor called one day, out of the blue, and asked me if I would consider writing
an issue book for her.  The Abortion Conflict was one of the titles she needed an
author to write.  I thought about it briefly and decided that there was a lot that I didn’t
know about the Abortion Conflict and controversy.  So, I chose that one.
       While I was doing the research I learned a lot about both sides of the issue.  I
learned about the young woman who be came Jane Roe in the Texas court case that
went to the Supreme Court and resulted in the Roe v. Wade decision.   I learned
something about the attorneys who argued the case.  And I learned the views of
people who have strong beliefs about the issue.  My book covers the history of
abortion from the time when it wasn’t an issue, to the time it was banned, the battle to
make it legal, and the attempts to make it illegal again.  
ISBN: 0766011933
     My editor and I worked very hard to make this a non-biased book.  It is a book about the abortion issue.  It is not a pro-life book.  It is not a
pro-choice book.  Before publication, this book was reviewed by people from pro-choice and pro-life organizations.  My editor and I used their
comments to help present their views accurately.   I hope that when you read the pro-life chapter you will find that I presented their views
accurately.  When you read the pro-choice chapter, I hope you will find that I presented their views accurately.  It is my hope that my readers will
find the information they need in my book to help them clarify their own view on the issue.  It was not my intent to sway my readers either way,
only to inform.  It is my hope that when you finish the book, you will not know where I stand on this issue.
       I f you are writing a report on the Abortion Conflict, my book should be only one source among many.  If you want a good grade, you will
need to impress your teacher with proof that you did your research with a long list of sources.  If you are looking for information for your own use
and to expand your knowledge of the issue, you will benefit from following the research trail and discovering the many aspects of this issue.  
What the reviewers
"Durrett offers a mostly evenhanded overview of the
historical events, ideologies, and questions fueling
both sides of the abortion debate, as well as direct,
reliable information about the procedures and
alternatives . . . whether teens are facing an
unwanted pregnancy or just looking for background
information on the debate, this is a solid,
well-researched resource."
--Booklist, January 1-15, 2000
"These books cover the two main sides of each issue,
while a final brief chapter summarizes the points on each
side or discusses finding common ground."
--The Horn Book Guide, July-December 2000
If you are writing a report on the Abortion Conflict this Web Site will give you a ton
of information with links to court cases, Supreme Court Decisions, Federal,  state,
and Canon law.
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