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Dominique Moceanu
When I was a kid in grade school, some of the other kids took twirling lessons but I didn't
get to.  They learned to do back bends, cartwheels, and flips.  I tried the back bends and
cartwheels but the mechanics of the flip was beyond my reach.  I could never figure out
how to raise my hips over my head and pull my feet around.  I was fascinated by anyone
who could.  So, when the chance came to write a book about Dominique Moceanu, I
jumped at it.
My interest in gymnastics took root when our
daughter, Joy, won a place on the Mat Cats team in
La Mesa, California. She was the smallest one so
they hoisted her to the top of the pyramid.  This
made my heart leap with fear -- and swell with pride
before it slipped back into place.
From there Joy developed a love for gymnastics and
we became a gymnast's family.  Joy participated in
gymnastics through grade school, junior hi, and high
school. She won vault in CIF her last year and
earned a spot on the San Diego State gymnastics
team.  After her freshman year, other interests pulled
her away - a guy named Steve.
Eight-year-old Joy had just earned her
patch and a spot on the La Mesa Mat
My reason for writing most of my books
almost always stems from personal
experience, some more closely related than
others.  This one was a natural choice after
so many years of being Joy's Mom.  And
then, I was captivated by the enthusiasm,
pizzazz, and skill of the smallest gal on the
1996 U.S. Women's Olympic gold metal
team - Dominique Moceanu.
Joy, cheering after winning Junior Hi
Varsity medals
USA Gymnastics
If you are doing a report on Dominique my
book should be only one of many sources.  
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