Deanne Durrett
Author and Ghostwriter
As a writer, I have worn many hats.
I started out writing a weekly newspaper column, then wrote magazine stories for
kids, dabbled in opinion pieces for the ed-op pages and adult magazine articles,
freelanced newspaper feature stories, wrote a mid-grade novel followed by 20
nonfiction books for kids (reading levels - mid-grade through high school).
Then a ghostwriting opportunity came my way and I began writing the life story of
the first American Indian dentist as Dr. George Blue Spruce told it to me.
I hadn't quite finished George's story when the first woman president of
Toastmasters International asked me if I would like to write her story.  One day, not
too long ago, Helen Blanchard (AKA Homer) began telling me her story.
I have found that ghostwriting is an incredible experience. If you would like to read
about my journeys down someone else's memory lane, click the links below:
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Searching for My Destiny by  Dr.
George Blue Spruce, Jr.,
Assistant Surgeon General, Ret.,
as told to Deanne Durrett  
released November 2009 by the
University of Nebraska Press.
Breaking the Ice: The Story of Helen
Blanchard, DTM, First Woman President
of Toastmasters International
, by Helen
Blanchard with Deanne Durrett,
HBlanchard Enterprises, October 2008.
For further information please visit:
The Helen Blanchard Story