Skinny Kid,  Fat Mama, Slim Granny
and all sizes in between
      As a teenager I actually needed to add curves and could enjoy milk shakes, hamburgers, and
fries and anything else including chocolate candy and ice cream.   That all changed after the birth
of my second child and since then, until recently, I have been either losing weight or gaining.  That
means that if I wasn't on a diet, I was gaining back my loss, usually with an additional 10 or 20 to
lose on the next diet.

  I was frequently told that it was harder to keep it off than lose it.  But every time I reached goal
I shrugged and thought, "Not this time" as I went off my diet with mission accomplished and
slipped right back into those old eating habits.  After going up and down a number of times I
reconciled myself to being "big."  

  Then I decided to try one more time.  This was not an easy decision because I knew from past
experience that if I gained it back I would add at least another twenty pounds to my record high.  
I was already suffering health consequences from being over weight - high blood pressure, high
cholesterol, plus aches and pains in my feet, back, and shoulders.

  My husband and I talked to our doctor and he recommended the Atkins or South Beach diets.  
He told us that the South Beach was easier to "stay on."  I chose the  South Beach because I
liked the idea of good fats/good carbs, lots of veggies, and lean meat.  The most attractive
aspect of this diet is "no need to measure the portion size" for most foods.    Also, I knew that if I
needed a plan for life instead of a diet and this looked like something that would work for me.

  So far this has proved to be true.  After the first two weeks, I have not been hungry.  (I recall
that with every other diet - and I have tried most of them over the years - I was hungry most of
the time.  Not just hungry, craving sweets and pacing the floor, waiting for the carving to pass.)  I
think I can follow the South Beach regime the rest of my life.   Will I?  That  remains to be seen.  
It will take dedication and determination.  

  Remembering the benefits will help:  My  overall cholesterol is down from a high of 298 to 138 -
from the bad cholesterol being dangerously high and the good cholesterol being drastically low to
being in perfect balance.  For some weird reason my allergies are almost gone.  It is far more
comfortable to be slim - no bulging belly between me and my toes.  No pads of fat displacing my
arms.  No swish, swish, swish announcing my steps as I walk - and the ease of walking without
the "friction" slowing every step. (If you have ever been "that" fat, you will know exactly what I am
talking about.

  South Beach is working for me so far.   Do I recommend it?  Not exactly.  I have heard many
people say it didn't  work for them.  I do recommend that anyone who wants to lose weight and
keep it off  ask their doctor to help them find a program that works for them, is healthy, and
keeps the hunger and cravings under control.

  Having a tendency to be overweight is not a curable problem.  It is a treatable problem that
must be treated everyday - even when friends offer temptations saying "You don't need to lose
any more , here's a treat for you."  Like alcoholism, the problem is still there, if the cravings can
come back the pounds will come back.  This is a battle that must continue to be fought every day
even when the scale says the goal has been reached.  I finally have figured this out and accepted
this truth.  
photos later...
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