Wren's Nest
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Awakened by frantic pounding, Joe Chandler opens his
door to a blast of wind and rain, and two strangers on his
front porch. They’re on the run. She’s pregnant. And, about
to deliver.

After Joe assists in the delivery, Sherman Taylor explains
that he overheard a conversation about a surrogate mother
deal gone bad and his lawyer/uncle’s plan to steal a relative’
s baby. It had to be Loren. Their minister in Phoenix, Blake
Adams sent them to Joe for help.

Joe promises to protect Loren and her baby while Sherman
returns Phoenix. He must get back before anyone links him
to Loren’s disappearance. Almost upon arrival, he learns
his worst fears are true and reports to Joe that hired thugs
are after Loren’s baby and they’re on their way to Myrtle

Hidden in the cottage that Matilda dubbed the Wren's Nest,
Loren seemed safe from the Phoenix gangster who
believes she's the surrogate mother and her baby is his
blood-kin and heir? Joe and his team of retired cops have a
plan and the skills to protect her... As long as the bird stays
in the nest.
Book 2
Author Note
Myrtle Hill, Oklahoma is a small town, created in my imagination along
with the people who live there. They're anxious to tell their stories and
I'm delighted to be the one they've chosen to write the chapters of
their lives. Myrtle Hill has many neighborhoods but the people who live
on Sycamore Lane are talking to me now.

Becca McGee told her story in THE ROGUE TRUST. Joe Chandler
and Matilda Gable are next. In WREN'S NEST, God calls Joe to
action when a young couple arrive at his door in the middle a stormy
night. Sherman and Loren (Wren) connect Myrtle Hill to a ministry in
Phoenix that helps give young people who have made bad choices to
a second chance. And, those who fall victim to the bad choices of

The ordinary people in this cast of characters become special when
they're in the right place, at the right time, willing to serve, and
become the answer to someone's prayer. They're God's boots on the

Wren's Nest is second in the series, and takes place chronologically,
however it can stand alone but readers will recognize characters from
Rogue Trust. The third book in the series, LUCY'S MANSION, will
continue Becca and J.T.'s story.

I hope you will become friends with the people in Myrtle Hill, their
Phoenix connection, and me. I love readers.
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Wren's Nest
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