Creature Comforts

I love peace, quiet, and comfort. I do my best writing under those circumstances. And, it’s my favorite reading environment.

Since I love to read and I love to write, I’ve become somewhat of a connoisseur of creature comforts. Unfortunately, my browsing and buying moods don’t happen at the same time. So, when the browsing mood strikes I visit my favorite online mall. I add the comforts I might like to my wishlist and return when I’m ready to buy.

Shopping takes time and I don’t always know where to look. Sometimes the best comforts are found in the least suspected places. This two step process works great for me and I think it might be a good thing to share.

I’m often asked about my favorite reading device. We’re a Kindle family so within our circle, we’ve tried most of the Kindles. I still have the second generation but Dan updated to the Fire.

Amazon offers a number of Kindles within an affordable price range and Kindle is at the top of my Creature Comforts list. The screen is easy on my eyes and I like choosing the font size that’s best for me. Same for my mom. She loved to read although macular degeneration took most of her vision in her later years. Still, she was able to read the large print on her Kindle DX until the last few months of her life. By that time, reading was one of her few joys. The largest font on the Kindle DX was a blessing, but Mama’s ability to read with very limited vision was a miracle.

If you’d like to browse the list I’ve developed so far, take a look on my Webpage: ┬áCheck out my Coffee and Tea favorites and Relaxing in the Tub. Maybe you’ll find the creature comfort you need to make an ordinary day special in a good way.

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