The Rogue Trust: First Two Seeds in the Packet

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THE ROGUE TRUST was released for Kindle on Amazon last night. I feel like a new mom with a cuddly bundle in my arms. I keep looking at the cover, admiring the title, and relishing the byline. Mine. Mine. Mine. The life experience that led to the idea. The motivation and determination to complete the task. And, three years of blood, sweat, and tears… all mine. Now, I want it to be yours to read and enjoy, maybe to find a nugget of truth for your own use, and something to remember.

This book began with one tiny seed, joined by another, and over time I collected a packet of seeds that germinated in my imagination and sprouted into the setting, characters, and plot lines for this book.

It begins with yellow roses, the first idea seed I collected. My mother had a steamer trunk pushed back in the corner of my room. And sometimes, when we were alone, she’d pull that trunk out and unfasten the latches. Standing on end, it split in the middle and opened like double doors. Inside were the wonderful things she brought home and cherished from her year at the University of Nebraska… when she was the banker’s daughter… before she became the young farmer’s wife. I still remember the softness of her fur coat, the smoothness of her satin evening gowns, and the jeweled buckles on the matching slippers. She told me that one day I could wear those gowns (but I grew too tall). Then she’d pull out her scrapbook and I’d take it all in as she reminisced. I was drawn to the pressed and dried yellow rose corsage. I was always curious about the man who sent the roses and the note he wrote, “Roses of yellow from an extraordinary fellow.” And so, THE ROGUE TRUST begins with the delivery of fourteen exquisite yellow roses accompanied by a mysterious note… and a charming stranger parked across the street.

The first seeds in the packet came from the secrets in Mama’s trunk she shared with me many, many years ago.

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