The Next Seed

Miss Honey appears on the first page of THE ROGUE TRUST, and I think she will play a role in other books in the series. The idea for her character came into my life about six and half years ago.

Soon after we moved to Oklahoma, we went to the animal shelter looking for a lap-cat. We’d already been there once, came home with a beautiful long-haired yellow male. But, Mussa turned out to have a strong will of his own and he was not a lap-cat except when the mood happened to strike.On this second visit, Dan made me swear to be more careful, avoid the pretty face and look for calm personality. So, on entrance, we passed by this cage with a screaming grey kitten with white paws reaching out to me. I looked him over. Sharp nose, dull grey… not my cat. We looked, petted, and cuddled, every kitten in the place, trying to avoid the cage with the screamer. But, every time I passed near, those little white paws managed a better grip my heart.

After awhile, I took a deep breath and looked at Dan. “This one really wants to go with us… maybe he’s the one.”

He shrugged. “He’s awfully loud.”

“But, he really wants to go with us… you know how cats are. They pick their owner. That’s the mistake we made with Mussa. He didn’t pick us.”

Dan shot me one of his lop-sided grins and rolled his eyes.

A few minutes later, we took our kitten to the check-out window. As we chatted, they must have thought we might back out. They found an excuse to offer us the grey kitten free. They did mention he was the noisiest one. By this time, didn’t matter. This kitten chose us. We took him home and never regretted it.

His markings resembled a tuxedo and spats so we named him Mr. Bojangles. Bo grew to be beautiful cat, fur thick and soft as chinchilla, rich grey and purest white. A great lap-cat and an even better nap-cat. Bo always followed me to the couch and settled in beside me as soon as I stretched out. I don’t know of anything more relaxing than a warm, purring cat snuggled close. He was a great companion.

After we brought him home, he had the softest meow, even after he grew to be an eighteen pound tom. Gentle and considerate, he never leaped into my lap. Instead, he sat at my feet and stared up, waiting for permission. Sweet as honey, dignified, and very polite, Mr. Bojangles was the idea seed for Miss Honey. I made a couple of changes… amber eyes to blue and male to female.

Within one week this spring, we attended my mother’s funeral, Dan’s brother-in-law’s funeral, and Bo left us. With all that going on, I haven’t fully mourned him yet. I guess I was cried out and all my grief melded together. I miss him. But, there’s Miss Honey. She was aa character in THE ROGUE TRUST long before we lost Bo. He was her role model, now she’s the tribute to his memory.

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