Where Were You on 9/11/2001

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One ordinary Tuesday morning in September, Dan was on the patio reading the paper when I turned on my computer. I didn’t go to Facebook, couldn’t get past the homepage news.

I stared at the screen. Impossible. The This can’t happen. A few seconds later reality kicked in. It was real.  Although it had happened earlier, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center displayed on my monitor crumbled to the ground as I watched.

I called to Dan and turned on the TV. We stood stunned as we learned why the towers collapsed. We saw clips of the planes flying into the buildings, the upper levels bursting into flame, the towers collapsing… and the horror. People jumping from windows and falling to their death. Others on the ground running for their lives; bloody and bruised, covered with ash and soot.

This is one of those terrible events in American history that cannot be forgotten by those who witnessed it and must not be forgotten by generations to come.

This was an attack on the financial heart of the United States in New York City. Although the death toll has a number, I doubt that the full impact on American lives and economy will ever be known. Some companies disappeared in an instant, their people, records, and offices. The attack touched families from coast to coast and border to border, including our neighborhood and circle of friends.

One of our neighbors was a flight attendant for United. She knew members of the crews aboard those planes. And, she was scheduled for one of those doomed flights but something came up and she agreed to swap routes with another attendant. She will never forget that day. And for everyone who knows her, that attack on the Nation has become personal.

A friend’s husband’s first question when he heard the towers had collapsed was, “Where are my daughters?” They were enjoying a long awaited vacation with their mother and scheduled to be in the area of the towers that morning. News of their whereabouts didn’t come for hours because communication lines were down including cell service. When word came through, they were safe… but finding transportation out of New York would be a challenge.

Glaring headlines spread the news around the world. But the personal stories told by neighbors and friends touched our hearts in ways we won’t forget.

Want to share where you were and how did it touched your friends and family? Leave a comment below. I’d like to know.

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