Photo Shoot

I decided to have a new Facebook profile photo. I notice that people seem to be especially fond of animals and a shot of a man with his big dog sleeping on his lap drew a lot of comments.  So… Mandy is a big dog. And she likes to sneak into my lap … Where she has never been still long enough to sleep. Don’t know why I thought this would work.

I ask Dan to man the camera, and then I flat ironed my hair and did my makeup. After an hour’s prep, I called  Mandy. She couldn’t believe she was actually welcome on my lap, and as soon as she got there, I assure you, she wasn’t.

Dan shot about six photos before the session ended at my request. By this time, my hair was askew. My makeup was licked and smeared. And, my breathing was labored under the weight of the 55 pound animal’s butt crushing my chest. If her feet are on my knees, that’s where she sits.

After coaxing Mandy out of my lap, with non-genteel terms, Dan handed me the camera and left the room. I scrolled through the shots of big dog in vairous strange positions. The best one was unacceptable. The camera has a red-eye delay so the photo you get is not the one expected when the button is pressed. Otherwise Dan would have had a hard time explaining six shots with Mandy’s backend in my face.

Uupdate – one week later:

Determined to have a shot of Mandy on my lap, we tackled the job again. This time I gave Mandy a whiff of lavender (actually, more than that!) And, here’s the result:

A few drops of Lavender oil on the blue tie is a wonderful thing!

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