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WREN’S NEST, became “live” in the Amazon Kindle store last October. By then, this work had been in progress at least three years and the experience is best described as something like a very long pregnancy. A long wait but worth the effort.

My mother looked forward to the birth of my book with an enthusiasm I still cherished. Yet, when she asked to read it, my answer was always, “Not yet.” And when she said, “When?” I said it takes a long time to write a book. She was ninety when I started… and gone when I finished.

I dedicated WREN’S NEST to my mom, not to her memory. I’m not sure why. As far as I know, there’s nothing in the story that relates to her, no idea seed that took root in my imagination. Maybe it’s because so much of her is still alive in me. She encouraged me to keep writing when I wanted to quit. I had to finish WREN’S NEST because I had this enthusiastic mom waiting to read it. I hope you enjoy Joe Chandler’s story as he and Blake Adams join forces to complete the Myrtle Hill/Phoenix connection. They have a team of retired cops with their boots on the ground ready to protect and serve those God brings to their door.

Christians need to serve as earth angels; God’s boots on the ground. That’s my passion and the seed that stirred my imagination for many years as this storyline evolved. I believe that God uses people who are in the right place, at the right time, and willing to serve. Joe Chandler thinks of these people as earth angels. They are there, ready to help anyone in need. Sometimes it’s a person endangered by someone else’s mistake. Other times, it’s someone who made a bad choice and needs a little help to find the way to a second chance. Sometimes it’s a little one who needs a guiding hand. I think of these people as God’s boots on the ground.

In THE ROGUE TRUST, God’s call is answered and the funds are made available. In WREN’S NEST, Joe Chandler’s team in Myrtle Hill connects with Blake Adams’ ministry in Phoenix. And….. coming soon… LUCY’S MANSION becomes a battleground where following God’s lead involves a rocky path up a steep hill.

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