Gold Nuggets

Encouraging words are as precious as pure gold. Without the inspiration of encouragement, our emotional bank account is quickly depleted and  motivation disappears.

We thrive on encouragement and suffer without it. We are dependent on each other for these precious nuggets of gold.

Everyone —  friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, and strangers like to encourage babies. It comes natural to offer soothing words to a crying baby (encouragement to be happy). And, who can resist baby’s first attempts to roll over, crawl… and oh, those first steps. We cheer from the sidelines, offer helping hands, and gentle nudges. It’s so much fun to feel a part of first accomplishments!

As the years roll by, the need for encouragement continues but it’s not as much fun to cheer an adult on… except sports figures and concert stars. But, what do you get from your efforts at a ballgame or concert? A couple hours of entertainment and participation in some after-the-game chatter including texts, tweets, and Facebook status-updates. After the excitement fades and life returns to normal. If you were down, you’re down; if you were up, you’re up.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an encouragement bank account somewhere? A place where you could deposit a dozen encouraging words and some happy spirit along with a smile or two… and withdraw as needed.

You can. When you encourage others and build them up, it’s like making deposits in your own encouragement account. You feel good when you make others feel good. It’s pure pleasure to cheer someone you love, friend or relative, and watch them strive for success.

Be generous with encouragement, scatter it among friends and family, and dish it out to strangers. And, when you’re feeling down maybe some encouraging words will come your way. But… the sure way to feel better is to remember how good it feels to make someone else feel good. Go do it! Sometimes the best encouragement comes from words of appreciation – nuggets of gold

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