Woe is Me!

What happens next? That question is beginning to haunt me and I need an answer fast. Readers are asking – Does the romance between Becca and J.T. continue? Is there more?

Of course there is. It has a title and the draft of three chapters. But…

When I finished ROGUE TRUST, I knew the rest of the romance story. I have the draft of the first three chapters and last chapter is hiding somewhere in my files. But, there is a lot of story between chapter three and the last chapter. Why didn’t I write LUCY’S MANSION while Becca and J.T. were talking?

There was another tale in my mind screaming to have a print presence. It’s Joe Chandler’s story and a companion to ROGUE TRUST that could  take place almost in the same time frame. I had originally planned to weave these two story lines together in one book… but I didn’t find managing a thousand-page manuscript appealing and I didn’t think readers would either. So, the first two books  are “out there” but the synopsis for the third is mostly in my head. Unfortunately, Becca and J.T. have slipped into the shadows. They aren’t talking to me and I’m facing the blank page.

Woe is me!

I can’t panic – have to get rational. What’s new about facing the blank page? During the creation of the first draft of every book, every day begins with a blank page. You could say: a writer’s ordinary day always begins with a blank page; words make it special.

So, if I want this day to be special, I need to cajole Becca and J.T. into opening up. Maybe I’ll ask some questions.

Becca – You’re anxious for J.T.’s kiss but… are you fooling yourself into thinking you’re a widow instead of a wife in mourning? Are you sure you’re ready for another man in your life? Is Amy K?

J.T. – What about that fancy office in Chickasha? Will your prospective clients be willing to step through the door into all that luxury? Can you compete with the ghost of Walter McGee? Do you have to?

Can the two of you find time for romance when City Hall has declared war and you’re the enemy?

Me – Little mention of Amy K in the first three chapters. Where is she?

Okay. As soon as I have some answers to these questions, I’ll put some words on that blank page… I hope they’re special enough to stay.

Someone is whispering to me… I’m not sure who. Oh, yeah! I know what the problem is – in the last five months I’ve been formatting manuscripts for Kindle Direct Publishing and Create Space. I’ve tackled book cover design with PhotoShop Elements, and I’ve taken a crash course in Twitter. All left- brain stuff… I’ve just been reminded that Becca and J.T. reside in my right brain. Soon as I find the button to make the switch from left to right, I’m good to go. The search is on!

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