Myrtle Hill — Where is it?

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Rogue Trust, Wren’s Nest, and Lucy’s Mansion (coming soon) are stories about the residents of Myrtle Hill, Oklahoma.  You won’t find the small town on any map and probably can’t pinpoint the location if you try. It’s all a figment of my imagination and not to scale.

I chose the name for a couple of reasons. My grandmother’s name was Myrtle, and, Crepe Myrtle’s grow well in the area and give summer a blast of color. Also, the general area is a mix of rolling hill pastureland and wooded areas. So, Myrtle Hill just seemed right.

My books are about a community and the people who live there… All sorts of folk living in a small town where you never know what might happen to change an ordinary day into a memory or a headline. A history teacher becomes heir to a fortune. A retired cop and his buddies spring into action to prevent crime. And a twelve-year-old, exceptional and wise beyond her years, adds flair and flavor while she stirs the conflict. There’s romance and a little humor, suspense and a little mystery, and people I hope you’ll love facing some unsavory characters displaying behaviors to hate. And… Uh… Pray for. (This is Christian fiction.) Rogue Trust is romance with a little suspense and mystery. Wren’s Nest follows chronologically while the romance is on hold and strangers bring suspense to Myrtle Hill along with a touch of romance. Lucy’s Mansion continues the romance as Becca and J.T. join forces to fight City Hall and save the women’s shelter. Future editions, with residents of Myrtle Hill waiting in line to tell their stories, will be a mix of romance, suspense, and mystery but not always in that order. I will write the chapters of the books as the characters tell me their stories. Anything can happen on an Ordinary Day in Myrtle Hill.

The ages of my core characters range from Amy K (12) to Jim Harrison (a wealthy CEO of a restaurant chain coming to the end of his days). However, there is a newborn passing through town in Wren’s Nest and a romance in Rogue Trust and Lucy’s Mansion that might result in marriage and expand the population in a future book.

I hope you’ll love my characters as much as I do and enjoy their stories. If you like my books, please help me spread the word. Tell a friend on FaceBook or Twitter. And write a review on and Goodreads. Not only will I love you forever, but I’ll be inspired to write another book.

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