Tips for Writing an Amazon Customer Review


Authors love reviews. And, many of us are avid readers who write reviews when we read a good book. Most of us have forgotten our first time and assume everyone knows how to post a customer review on

Everything is easy once you have the know-how. But, none of us have the know-how the first time. It’s acquired. And, the first time is always scary!

So, here’s a tip sheet for posting a Customer Review on

Gather your thoughts. Some people write reviews that are similar to a book report. You don’t have to do that. Just imagine having coffee with a friend, tell her (or him) what you liked about the book. Writing a customer review is simple as that – share some thoughts to let a reader friend know you enjoyed the book. What did you like about the book that others might like too?

Go to and search for the book’s page.

When you reach the page, scroll down to CUSTOMER REVIEWS.

On some pages, you’ll see “Share your thoughts with other customers.” Just below that, click on the WRITE A REVIEW button. On other pages, the WRITE A REVIEW button is located below the existing Customer Reviews… Keep looking. You’ll find it.)

A new screen will open with a row of stars, a box for the title of your review, and a box for the thoughts you want to share.

Follow the steps – first step, click on the stars to rate the book. (Authors love four star reviews and adore five stars.)

After you write your review, below the box you’ll see PREVIEW AND EDIT. Click that and check your review.

If you like it, click PUBISH and you’re good to go.

A short time later, you will receive a message that your review is live on Amazon.

And some time after that, the author will see your review and do the happy dance, rain or sunshine. Maybe he or she will take a bow and prepare for an encore. Want to encourage an author to write another book? Post a review.


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