I think I’m forgiven!


I gave Dan a new computer with Windows 8 for Christmas, and he’s had a month of frustration. He can’t find his stuff. The passwords don’t work (not all Microsoft’s fault) and he needs new software for some of his favorite programs.

Ah, how well I know this story.

I traveled this path about six months ago and when I reached my peak of frustration he sat in front of his Windows 7 with a smug grin. “Wish I could help you,” he said. “Sorry.”

I’m not sure he actually realizes what a great gift he got. His old computer was growing more and more reluctant to load Windows 7. So a crash was on the way and he had little choice but to go for a new computer. And the new computer came with Windows 8. But, he got the benefit of my experience in the bargain.

While gaining this limited experience, I added new words to my vocabulary – tile, app, pin, unpin, and a few 4-letter words I won’t mention here. All kinds of important stuff is hidden beyond the edge of the touch screen. I learned about the hiding places the hard way – where to slide, where to tap, and when to use the mouse.

As advertised, the new computer came ready to plug in and go. The plug in part was easy. The go part? Not so much. The touch screen and Windows 8 introduced us to a new language and a whole new world. I showed him the on/off button, how to slide the opening screen out of the way to reveal the password protected entry portal. Once an acceptable password was entered, he faced a “start” screen with a blank stare although he had seen mine. And this is where my previous experience came in handy.  🙂 I am forgiven.