Statute of Limitations



He wouldn’t, would he?

I’m thinking there is a statute of limitations for everything and after that time passes, the only options is to laugh and forgive. Or, in some cases, the ones that involve my kid’s teenage years, I thank God I didn’t know about it at the time.

Our family statute of limitations came into play the other day and this is how it went:

Dan and I were discussing weight gain and the diet we followed about ten years ago. I lost 60 pounds. He lost a little less, but the diet was successful and we enjoyed being small… for a while.

So… the conversation rolled on and reached the point where we admitted that the weight, like the cat, came back. Dan suggested that we go on the diet again. I said, that diet worked great in Arizona where we had beautiful walking paths and great weather most of the year. And, the stores were filled with fresh grade AAA fruits and vegetables year round.

He agreed that made it easier.

I said, tilting my head and a little cocky, knowing that he loves sweets. “We’d have to give up all sugar. I’m not sure I’m willing to do that again.”

I saw this guilty smirk and he shuffled his feet. “I didn’t give up sugar,” He admitted (now that he’s sure the statute of limitations has passed).

I lifted an eyebrow, just what I thought! “But we didn’t keep anything sweet in the house.” I wanted an explanation.

“I didn’t want to tempt you so I ate a Snickers bar every time I went to the grocery store.” He shot me that cute grin he’s used on me since the day we met.

“And you went to the store about every day.”

He nodded. And I decided to let what’s in the past stay in the past in observation of the statute of limitations. Except that, from now on, if one of us gives up sweets, so is the other… Just sayin’ …