Fifty-five and Counting…

IMG_0419Dan and I celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary at the end of August. We boarded Mandy and slipped away for a couple of days in a resort hotel. We debated about going, agreeing that we don’t like most hotels as much as we like our home. But, we went and enjoyed ourselves.

I happened to mention that we were celebrating our 55th to a young hotel staffer. She was duly impressed and immediately asked, “What’s the secret?” I didn’t have a short answer and needed time to think… how do you put the success of living together 55 years in a few words?

By this time we had the attention of a small group and one young man didn’t need any time to think. “Keep your mouth shut and always agree,” he said confidently.

Everyone laughed. The moment was lost so I didn’t answer, but I’ve been thinking. What is the secret to a lasting relationship?

I made a list of a few things that worked for us. But then, I had to struggle to decide which item should top the list… occupy the number one spot. I finally made a decision and closed the file to review the next day. But, the next day another item seemed more suitable for the top spot. Same thing happened the next day.

So, I deleted the list and decided the secret to a long, happy marriage is elusive and exclusive. Every day is a new day and has its own challenges to be met. Whatever challenges we meet each day, when night comes and that day is done, I snuggle with my head on Dan’s shoulder and the last words we say before falling asleep are, “I love you.” (Maybe that’s our secret.)