The Lilac Tree Song

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May is Mother’s Day month. I think of my mother often but maybe a little more in the month of May. Today I’m remembering the old song, The Lilacs Tree. It’s about young love and a promise for one kiss when apples grow on the lilac tree. My mother sang this song during a school program when she was in the first grade. It might have been her school stage debut. Her teacher was Mrs. Wilkes, who taught third grade and gave expression lessons after school. She also directed the grade school programs and plays.

About twenty years after Mama’s debut, Mrs. Wilkes was still teaching third grade, giving expression lessons, and directing the school programs. When spring came and time for the end of school program. Mrs. Wilkes decided I should sing the song my mother sang.

Mama made my outfit out of pink crepe paper. I think the body of the dress might have been cotton broadcloth, but the ruffles were crepe paper. My outfit included pantaloons and a bonnet. Mama made them all. I was far more pleased about the outfit than singing on stage. But, I did it and made Mama and Mrs. Wilkes proud (I hope!).

So, this week, I’m thinking of my mother, the song we sang… and the outfit she made for me. It’s a sweet memory and I love lilacs… With my eyes closed, I can almost smell them now.

P.S. If you’d like to hear someone else sing this song here’s a link to YouTube: 

She’s is a little older than I was… I like my outfit best. 🙂

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