About Deanne Durrett

I started my writing career freelancing for newspapers and magazines, and now I’m the author of twenty+ nonfiction books for kids, one juvenile novel, and two co-authored memoirs. Writing is my love and my calling. Nonfiction for kids will always hold a warm spot in my heart. I moderated the NFforKids Yahoo Group for many years, but recently stepped down with the intention of keeping in touch with my NFforKids friends.

Life’s events sometimes call for changes, and I’ve decided to switch tracks to pursue some ideas I’ve had in my mind for a long time… after I spend some time to enjoy Facebook without guilt, and start a blog.

I began writing with fiction in mind … But one ordinary day my life changed, and there were too many demands for my time. I could write nonfiction in stolen moments, but creating fiction required hours. So, I made the switch, and nonfiction opportunities kept me busy while several fiction ideas simmered on the back burner. Today, I’m moving those ideas to the front and turning up the heat. I hope you will follow me as I explore the personal experience files I’ve stored away… all of them born on ordinary days when something happened to make them special.

If you want to read more about me and my books, please visit: http://www.deannedurrett.com

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