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Share the Joy of Reading With Word Stories on Kindle

I wrote stories for kids early in my writing career. My first story was published in Highlights for Children in 1972… So I’ve been writing a long time. I’ve written stories for very young children and nonfiction books for junior high and high school students. Recently, I decided to encourage sharing the joy of reading with little ones and beginning readers. So I created an Anytime Read-alouds Facebook page to post information about reading and my stories.

When I was young, I enjoyed stories my mom and dad told me in the quiet times… sometimes to pass the time when a storm raged and we huddled in the storm cellar. And, way back then, Saturday morning radio was filled with programs for kids. Charlie McCarthy and Baby Snooks were a couple of my favorites. I learned to enjoy the skits and stories without pictures. And now, I think the more ways a child can share the joy of reading, the better. Reading is a skill everyone needs and the more skilled have a foot up on success no matter what field they choose. And then, there is the pure joy of story, quiet times where words flow off the page and into the mind to stimulate the imaginary experiences, scenes, and dialog of the story.

Picture books are wonderful, no doubt about that. But word stories present another avenue for learning and sharing the joy of reading. The little one nestles close, eyes closed, relaxed, listening, as the characters and scene comes to life in his or her imagination.

I’ve released several Anytime Read-Alouds for sharing the joy of reading with the youngsters in your life. I hope you and your little ones enjoy my word stories.

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