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Quail’s Run, The Phoenix Connection, Book two was released early in December and it’s high-time I introduced you to my new book.

Although Quail’s Run is book two, it doesn’t follow Wren’s Nest. The storylines happen about the same time. They both involve a surrogate mother deal gone bad, but Wren’s Nest involves the mother on the run because the mother in Quail’s Run ran away. Each book stands alone, but if you enjoy one, you’ll want to read the other.

Quail’s Run is ER nurse Tessa Paine’s story. She has a feeling the accident victim in room 326 is hiding something and may not be who they think she is. As the story unfolds, Tessa and her nephew Jackson agree to help the new mother escape whatever she fears and take her to a safe house. However, Jackson leaves and can’t come back and Tessa and her patient find themselves in a hostage situation protecting a baby who’s whereabouts is worth a fortune in ransom to his wealthy great-grandfather.

Quail’s Run is Christian suspense with a twist of mystery and a touch of romance – They’re in a safe house, but they aren’t safe!

One reviewer says Quail’s Run is “a wonderful faith based story that reflects God’s love and protection for His children. This is a one that I definitely recommend.”

Another says: “I love this book! The characters and the storyline are great!”

One more says Quail’s run “has some twist and turns that I did not expect, so I couldn’t guess the ending.”

Encouraging words area always welcome. If you read my book and like it, please consider leaving a customer review on Amazon.  It will make my day. Thanks!

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[amazon_link id=”B018BEK7FO” target=”_blank” ]Quail’s Run (The Phoenix Connection Book 2)[/amazon_link]