Lucy's Mansion Kindle Cover 821x1312

Ta-dah! I reached my goal. It’s about five days past the deadline but I don’t have an excuse. Everything seems to take longer than expected and there is always one more task to do before bedtime. Sound like housework? Writing is like that.

LUCY’S MANSION, second in the ORDINARY DAYS IN MYRTLE HILL series, picks up where ROGUE TRUST ended.

In the opening chapter of LUCY’S MANSION, Becca anticipates J.T.’s first kiss. Before long, she’s wondering why this grown man doesn’t have the courage most boys muster by seventh grade. Before she can take matters in her own hands, she’s embarrassed her daughter, worried about what the neighbors think, and overwhelmed as trouble erupts at City Hall.

As the storm clouds gather over LUCY’S MANSION, Becca and J.T. join forces to protect the woman’s shelter. Before they can consider moving their romance toward marriage, they have to find out why Amy K insists second marriages are bad for kids. Although she’s falling in love, Becca can’t ignore her daughter’s plea, “Please don’t marry J.T.”

I hope you will enjoy LUCY’S MANSION and that Becca and J.T.’s love story will squeeze your heart.