My Special Day

Today is my birthday, I’m seventy-three.

It seems like yesterday I was eighteen and going away to college. That’s when my life began. Until then, I was in training, under the tutelage of my mom and dad.

Only yesterday, I was eighteen and met the man I would marry. Only yesterday, I was nineteen and marrying the man of my dreams. Only yesterday, I was twenty-one, holding our newborn son in my arms. Only yesterday, I was twenty-four, holding our newborn daughter. Only yesterday… the years flew by. The kids grew up, married, and gave us grandchildren. More years flew by, the grandchildren grew up, and now our fourth great-grandchild is on the way. My, how did it all happen so fast?

At thirty, I discovered my dream to be a writer and followed it… and now that I’m seventy-three, I’m still following that same dream. My, why is it taking so long? Yes. I’m a writer, the author of many published works: magazine stories, newspaper articles, books, and a blog. Still, my dream isn’t complete… there’s always another book to write, and the dream that my next will be my best.

My goals are all part of my dream. When I reach one goal, I dream up another. They’re my promise to myself of tomorrow’s potential.

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