Ordinary Days in Myrtle Hill Series

3 new covers FV Twitter_edited-1(The covers in the Ordinary Days in Myrtle Hill Series were updated May 6, 2015.)


Rogue Trust Kindle Cover 640x480

The unexpected beneficiary to a trust fund created to honor a Vietnam War hero, Becca McGee struggles with the changes sudden wealth will bring to her ordinary life and its influence on her twelve-year-old daughter. Facing a challenge to her faith, Becca is  bombarded with questions she can’t answer. And, her common sense seems to have vanished. The lawyer retained to settle the trust proves himself a jerk, acts like a stalker, and appears to be an impostor. When someone prematurely leaks the details of the trust to the press, steals her cat, and threatens her daughter… he’s her prime suspect. Still, she finds him incredibly attractive.

J.T. Harrison’s plans to practice family law are derailed when a large firm offers him a position in its probate department. Fresh out of law school and studying for the bar, he can’t refuse the income. Now he’s a political hire moonlighting for his rich uncle, well paid for doing menial tasks—delivering manila envelopes and overseeing floral deliveries. But why is his elderly uncle secretly sending yellow roses to a woman half his age who could easily steal J.T.’s heart?

As this Christian romance unfolds, an old man’s obsession mixes romance with a touch of suspense and mystery as it threatens every aspect of Becca McGee’s life. J.T. must settle the Rogue Trust while his ailing uncle still lives. Becca has stolen J.T.’s heart, but she’s quick to condemn. And, with his knack for falling victim to circumstantial evidence, it seems unlikely that J.T. can settle the trust or win Becca’s hand.


Lucy's Mansion Kindle Cover 420x640_edited-1As Becca and J.T. begin their relationship anew in this second book in the Ordinary Days in Myrtle Hill series, Becca makes her first purchase with funds from the Rogue trust – Lucy Evan’s mansion. Becca plans to turn the luxurious mansion into a permanent home for battered women. However, the Residents of the upscale community don’t want those women living in their neighborhood and they’ve filed a complaint. Before Becca and J.T. share their first kiss, zoning issues threaten Becca’s plan.

As they battle City Hall, strong mutual attraction and ample chemistry pull them together, but romance isn’t easy the second time around. Becca’s twelve-year-old daughter is not pleased with her mother’s romantic interest and Becca can’t ignore Amy K’s insistence that second marriage are bad for kids. While J.T. faces his own struggle to overcome echoes of his past and the fear of another broken heart, tension climbs higher when he sees Becca in the arms of another man.  Can he find the courage to man-up and fight for his woman? If he wins that challenge, another follows. He can’t ask for Becca’s hand unless he wins her daughter’s heart.


Perfect Blend Kindle Cover 420x640_edited-1

Becca and J.T. plan a small, intimate wedding in the presence of family, close friends, and you. Come along as a new romance buds in the midst of the wedding plans. Marie Springfield and Slade Turner step into the romantic spotlight, and Becca and J.T. slip off stage with a little matchmaking in mind. But, can launching a new romance be that simple? No. Past experience conflicts with the present and blocks the path to the fulfillment of the couple’s dreams.

As the story unfolds, Marie is honored to be Becca’s matron of honor. Still, as her heart burst with joy for her best friend, she struggles against envy and hides the painful emptiness she feels for herself. Three years after her husband’s death, Marie regrets her decision to delay having a child while she concentrated on building her business. Now, although her business is a success, her life is empty, and her biological clock is ticking. With no romantic prospects, she’s determined to have a child even if it means entering into a loveless marriage with the help of an online dating service.

As Becca’s and J.T.’s wedding date nears, Slade Turner comes on the scene as the best man. There’s chemistry and strong attraction. Is he the answer to Marie’s prayer for a second chance to have a family? She decides to give the romance six-weeks to develop. And, the embers of attraction flair. But before long, she finds herself at a fork in the road. One path leads to romance, marriage, and the family of her dreams. The other is a response to God’s call to help a young girl in trouble and a baby that could be a different answer to her prayer. How can she choose?

Slade Turner’s wife took off with another man, leaving everything behind including divorce papers ready for his signature. After dealing with the pain, Slade decided to go after the desire of his heart, a loving wife to give him children of his own. Slade has his eye on Marie and, besides being attracted to her, he finds her especially suitable since she has no children. But, Slade keeps fumbling his attempts to express his feelings, he doesn’t share Marie’s compassion for helping the ex-foster child, and he’s vehemently opposed to adoption. Can he win her heart within the six-week window of opportunity? Does he want to?


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