A Love Story
Nestled in the Wichita
Mountains near Lawton,
Oklahoma, the Holy City was
built as a stage for the annual
Easter Pageant. I have always
loved the chapel there. This is
where we chose to be married.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Durrett, August 28, 1959.  
The groom was 26 and the bride was 19.
Dan and I were married August 28, 1959 in the
chapel at the Holy City near Lawton, Oklahoma.  Our
love story began in the fall of 1958 in Weatherford,
When I enrolled as a freshman at Southwestern
State,  I was engaged to marry my high school
sweetheart.   He said I should have a good time at
college.  He didn't want me to miss out on the college
activities.  He wanted me to date (maybe he meant
that I should have an escort to the dances).   I soon
found out that no one asks engaged girls out.  So, I
slipped his engagement ring off my finger and flirted -
just a little.  Pretty soon, the college guys began
asking me for dates - to the movies.  So I went, fully
intending to stay true to my high school sweetheart,
except for maybe a goodnight kiss or two.
And I would have too, except for this very handsome guy.  He had dark wavy hair and the most delightful smile.  His eyes
twinkled when he laughed... and sometimes when he looked at me.   And he was smart - a math major!  Wow!  I thought.  But
I couldn't fall in love with him, he was someone to go to the movies with so I wouldn't miss out on the college fun.   Still, no one
had ever looked at me the way he did.  Wow!   But then, I wasn't available, was I?   Not with that ring I wore on the third finger
of my left hand (part time).
Well, I did  linger at the door - a couple of goodnight kisses couldn't hurt anything.  To be honest, when he kissed me -  Wow!
 Must be the difference between high school and college, I thought. A couple of kisses after the movie couldn't hurt anything.   
Did I mention that I lingered a little?  Wow!
And, I guess I forgot to mention to him that I was dating so I wouldn't miss out on the college fun.  He didn't know that I was
Then someone told him!
He didn't dump me, like I thought he would.  Instead, he said he had special feelings for me and he asked me out again.  
Since he knew my secret, I wore the ring.   Before he kissed me goodnight, he took my hand, and slipped the ring off my
finger.  He gave it to me and I dropped it in my pocket just as he leaned toward me for a goodnight kiss - WOW!  I never put
that ring on again.
After the ceremony, we drove to our new home in
Weatherford, Oklahoma where we "honeymooned" a few
days before the fall semester began.  Twenty-five years later,
we would have a real honeymoon in Hawaii.
Needless to say, my high school sweetheart married someone else.  And I married my college guy.  And, we shared our lives
and lived happily-ever-after .... (mostly).
We visited the Holy City Chapel in the summer of 1999, a
few weeks before we celebrated our 40th wedding
Deanne Durrett
Author of Nonfiction for Kids and Young Adults*
*Rated Ok for Adults
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