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The Rogue Trust swirled around in my mind while I finished my
last two nonfiction books with Becca McGee clamoring to tell
her story. She hounded me relentlessly until I gave in.

And so, I wrote as the young widow shared her dreams and
fears and inner-most secrets with her best friend Marie. I know
what she told Amy K and Uncle Joe. And I didn't make any
promises about the ones she shared only with me.

Storyteller that I am, I'm telling it all in THE ROGUE TRUST. I
don't leave anything out. Her guilt and fears as a new man
comes into her life. How can she find him so attractive when he
proves himself a jerk and appears to be an impostor. And that
ridiculous tale about the Rogue Trust has to be a hoax. But
maybe it isn't... What is the meaning of fourteen yellow roses?
Is she really the heir to a fortune? What will sudden wealth do
to her life, her daughter, and her faith? Change is coming her
way, can she avoid it?
Rogue Trust
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Author Note
The Rogue Trust
THE ROGUE TRUST is a contemporary romance
with a twist of mystery and a dash of suspense.

She's a widow, single parent, and heir to a fortune
she's reluctant to accept.

He's the lawyer retained to settle the Rouge Trust
before his
client dies.

She thinks the Rogue Trust is a hoax. The cowboy
appears to be an impostor, possibly a
stalker, definitely a jerk, and so attractive...

A twist in fate gives him the opportunity he needs.
But, is he
willing to force her to accept of the
trust? A huge bonus is at risk, along with his
future and maybe his heart.

Chemistry and attraction mix with suspicion,
mistrust, and accusation. Sparks fly but will the
rogue trust lead to love?