About Me

Musa, my favorite editor always offered an encouraging purr.

The Writing Life

The writing life is a journey and I’ve followed a winding path with work published in Sunday School papers, newspapers, and magazines, plus books, eBooks, and a blog.

Along the way, I’ve jumped though many editorial hoops (and failed to make it through even more). Looking back, it’s been a blast! The path I’ve traveled is littered with boulders of disappointment; rejection letters that included the words sorry and this doesn’t meet our editorial needs at this time. Oh, the tears! But then, I see the steppingstones to success; acceptance letters that began with words like; we like your story and would like to publish it. Oh, the joy those words bring to my heart!

It’s been a trip! But I haven’t reached my final destination yet… And until I do, I’ll keep writing, although I’ve probably jumped through my last editorial hoop. After 20 nonfiction books for kids and 2 co-authored autobiographies, I decided to return to my first love, Christian fiction. I attended writer’s conferences and submitted my fiction work to agents. The last rejection said something like this; I like your story and I like you, but I can’t offer to represent you because you would be in competition with my other clients. Since I had celebrated my 70th birthday, I didn’t think I had a lot of time to waste looking for an agent who would accept an older author. So, I decided to enter the competition on my own as an “indie.”

As a result, this independent author has found a narrow footpath to you, my dear reader. And when I blog and walk the eBook path, I write a story just for you. You get it as I wrote it without any adaption to someone else’s preferences and editorial guidelines. And so, my writing journey continues and you’re so very welcome to come along.

As we stroll together through the pages of my books, I hope you will find an uplifting story with a bit of romance, a dash of mystery, and a twist of suspense. My goal is to provide a good story with a character or two you’ll love and at least one to dislike intensely. As my characters deal with challenges and find solutions to their problems, I hope they set a good example of living the Christian life as some of my characters find themselves in the right place, at the right time, to do God’s will and become the answer to someone’s prayer. I call them Earth Angles, and I’m very fond of the thought of being one when called.


Where I came From

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