Ordinary Days in Myrtle Hill

The Rogue Trust



In this Christian fiction, romance mixes with suspicion as a young widow struggles to determine if the offer of sudden wealth is a blessing, a test of her faith, or a hoax.

As the story unfolds, the arrival of fourteen yellow roses with a cryptic card triggers a memory of a tale her grandmother told her about a summer romance. With her curiosity in high gear, the stranger parked across the street in the blue Mazda rouses her suspicion, and a cowboy lawyer stirs her heart. But, is the cowboy lawyer only interested in forcing her to take the trust? Maybe he’s an impostor.

The mystery deepens as an old man shares memories of a Vietnam battlefield hero, and the connection to the Rogue Trust. But, no one gives that kind of money to a stranger. How can the Rogue Trust be anything but a hoax? The Rogue Trust becomes headline news and the disappearance of Becca’s cat, followed by a ransom note and a threat, brings a retired police officer and his friends into the action. Through it all, God’s hand is behind the scenes, preparing people for future service—in the right place, at the right time, willing to do His will and serve those who need help—Some might call these people earth angels.

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